Minimise The Risk Of Covid Spread When The Office Reopens

Minimise The Risk Of Covid Spread When The Office Reopens

In the not too distant future, organisations should be thinking of how they can best handle a return to the office with minimal risk of infection.

For some members of staff it will be the first time they’ve been in the workplace for a very long time. They will of course be anxious about what kind of long lasting changes COVID-19 will have made to their day to day work routine.

Offering assistance to personnel should lower the threat of an outbreak whilst likewise boosting their confidence about being in close quarters with their peers. Appeasing any issues should also see that performance is optimum.

The market offers all kinds of COVID-19 associated testing which can be performed simply and reliably in the house and in the work environment.

The most popular choice is the rapid lateral flow antigen test and is suitable for individuals who do not have coronavirus symptoms. This involves a swab of the individual’s throat and nose. This sample is placed into a tube of solution and then added to the test strip, which shows results within 30 minutes.

A PCR test identifies an active infection in a comparable way by taking a nose and throat sample, which then goes to a dedicated laboratory for examination. Results are validated within 48 hours and are accompanied with official certification.

Antibody testing is a measure you can put in place to decipher which employees have had the infection. This test uses a finger prick method to extract a blood specimen and can deliver results within 15 minutes. This can inspire confidence in your personnel as they go about their daily life, understanding they may have developed an immunity to the infection (although research into this is ongoing).

For those who are yet to exhibit covid antibodies, regular temperature tests can offer some peace of mind for employees and reduce the threat of an outbreak within the work environment.

A significant number of businesses are opting for services whereby the tests are provided and performed on behalf of the organisation so that they can hit the ground running and return to ‘business as usual’.

The more provisions you put in place to protect and instil confidence in your staff, the more you demonstrate that health and wellbeing is essential to your company.

According to a study reported on by the BBC, over 30% of workers are concerned about catching Covid at work. The research study also exposed that the poorest paid are especially concerned, and the least likely to speak out.

Staff might benefit from the choice to speak with an occupational health specialist, who will evaluate each workers’ viability to return to the workplace.

Organizations who come out the other side positively will be those that make their employees’ health and wellness a priority, adjusting their offering so that it is fit for the times.

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