Here Are Some More Great Restaurants To Visit In Waco TX

You’re deep in the heart of Texas, and I think these Waco restaurants are going to be calling your name. It’s time to get something to eat, and you’re going to enjoy some great food while there. How about stopping by one of these top-ranked Waco TX dining establishments for your next meal?

Let’s begin with breakfast. You might want to get your breakfast at The Egg & I Restaurant. Its location is 4600 Franklin Avenue, and there are some interesting items on the menu. For example, there is the avocado toast, and then there is the Mexican Omelette. People say that you can expect huge portions, and everything really sounds delightful. The Egg & I Restaurant is one of the great places to enjoy a nice breakfast in Waco.

This next place has an interesting name for sure, Buzzard Billy’s. Located at 100 Interstate 35 North, Buzzard Billy’s is a place to enjoy shrimp rolls, bananas foster, andouille sausage, jambalaya and more. You can tell that this Waco dining establishment features quite the diverse menu. Hushpuppies, rasta pasta and seafood also make the menu favorites.

You might also like a stop by The Backyard Bar Stage and Grill. The address is 511 South 8th Street, and you can expect fried pickle spears, steak tips, pulled pork and more to be on the menu. The Backyard Bar Stage & Grill also serves as a live music venue as its name suggests. The catfish sliders are also talked about in the reviews, and that sounds interesting, too.

Up next is the Olive Branch Bakery & Cafe, which is located at 215 South 2nd Street. Cupcakes, homemade bread, wraps, pancakes and more can be ordered up at Olive Branch Bakery & Cafe. It sounds like you’re going to find all kinds of great eats there. It’s always fun visiting a bakery, too, don’t you think? This bakery and cafe is also said to be a great place to order up a soup and sandwich combo.

Now you’re ready to be out and about enjoying a nice meal in Waco, Texas. I’ve got some more picks coming your way, so join my next time for a list of four more Waco TX restaurants. You are going to be intrigued by what’s coming up, too. Let’s just say there is pizza and barbecue on the way, and you might just find some more restaurants you want to visit in Waco.